Hamburg Industries Co., Ltd.

Hamburg Industries Co., Ltd. was established in 1983. Follow the company business philosophy “Total Quality Assurance” “Customer Satisfaction” “Development and Innovation”” Enterprise inheritance”. We have successfully to transform form a trading company to manufacturing and marketing enterprise. Our products “ Heat Shrinkable Tubing and cable relevant component” “ FFC Cable and Assembly products” “Smart card connector and connector products” which application to computing products, consumer electronics, automotive module and commercial products are selling to many well know global companies and major EMS manufacturers.

SIM Card Connectors

We are a reputable SIM card connector manufacturer. Our push SIM card connector is engineered to satisfy your unique technical and performance needs. With our experience, we've been able to provide high-quality SIM card connectors with premium features at affordable rates. Our staff is dedicated to making it simple for you to obtain the items and information you need when you need them, from product specification and selection through delivery and beyond. We create SIM card connectors that are both affordable and long-lasting, in order to meet the criteria of maximum performance.

N Series

Nano SIM Card

  1. 6 pin
  2. SMT Type (without post)
  3. Dim.: 14.00L x 11.70W x 1.50H mm
  4. Metal Cover: Hinge Type
  1. 6 pin
  2. SMT Type (sink 1.08mm)
  3. Dim.: 14.35L x 11.50W x 1.50H mm
  4. Blade Switch: Normally Open
  5. Metal Cover: with Tray Type
  6. (Connector with Tray, Plastic material)
  7. Durability: 3,000 cycles min.
  1. 6 pin
  2. SMT Type (with post)
  3. Dim.: 12.30L x 10.05W x 1.35H mm
  4. Metal Cover: Push Pull Type
  5. Durability: 3,000 cycles min.
  1. 6 pin
  2. SMT Type (with post)
  3. Dim.: 13.72L x 12.29W x 1.37H mm
  4. Blade Switch: Normally Close
  5. Metal Cover: Push Push Type
  1. 6 pin
  2. SMT Type (without post)
  3. Dim.: 14.00L x 11.70W x 1.40H mm
  4. Blade Switch: Normally Open
  5. Metal Cover: Hinge Type
  6. Durability: 5,000 cycles min.
Hamburg Industries Co., Ltd. has a tremendous edge over the competition as a professional SIM card connector maker, producing robust designs at very affordable rates while keeping exceptionally high quality. We may also offer a solution to incorporate your particular specifications into our new design standard goods for more personalized demands that cannot be met by our regular product lines. Your attention, opinions, and suggestions are much appreciated. If you have any questions or concerns about SIM card connector or push SIM card connector, please leave a message and your contact information on our website.