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Optional processing type

Hamburg Industries Co., Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers of FFC, and is highly regarded for its quality products. Our company offers a range of Optional processing type that is high in quality at affordable prices. Please do not hesitate to contact with us if you are interested in our products.
•Bending & stick adhesive tape

•Add label and pulling mylar

•Double-deck ground wire & shell the ground wire

Branching FFC than hot-pressing supporting tape

EMI Solution -Wrap up the cooper foil

EMI Solution -Wrap up the aluminum foil

EMI Solution -Wrap up the shielding net

EMI Solution -Put on the core

* Any type of processing can be served.

At Hamburg Industries Co., Ltd., we know Optional processing type and we’ve got the ranges and the prices to suit your needs. No matter you are looking for manufacturer for new products or new manufacturer for current products, we are willing to provide samples for you to test.